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“Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. has been established in 2011 with a registered address in Sofia and Factory in Bourgas, Bulgaria. For this short period of time, with its high quality production, the company managed to approve itself as a leader in packing portion packets. In “Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. are working high qualified employees that contribute with its professionalism for making the company’s name as a synonym of “Quality”.
Company’s basic activity is packing in small packets different forms and weights, depending on the market necessity: white crystal sugar, natural brown cane sugar, fruit sugar, coffee creamer, instant coffee - type "Freeze dried" and "Agglomerated", sweetener, natural Bulgarian bee honey, mix for hot drinks - type “3 in 1”, salt and pepper.
“Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. has 8 high quality automatic packing lines, allowing high productivity and high quality production. The machines are made in Italy from a leading company on the market - Universal pack and Omag.The monthly productivity of these machines is over 130 million packs.
The company has a Registration and Manufacturing license from the Bulgarian Food Law, Registration and License for packing bee honey with BG Number, published by the EU and agreement with “Ecobulpack” AD from the Law of right using the waste. At the beginning of 2012 “Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. established the International Food Standard and ISO 22000:2005. Auditors from ISACERT checked the production factory of the company in Bourgas and gave evaluation 99.4 % acceptation of all requirements.Thus at the moment,Multipack Bulgaria Ltd. is the only one Bulgarian producer of small weight portion packages – packing different kinds of sugar sachets, natural brown cane sugar, fruit sugar,coffee creamer, sweetener and bee honey, which production has been certificated by the International Food Standard IFS, according to the requirements of the big trade chains such asMetro Cash & Carry, Billa”, etc.
The high quality products of “Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. are being exported to EU, Russia, Macedonia, Albania, etc. “Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. is a supplier of „Metro Cash & Carry” – Russia and „Kaufland” – Romania. For the producing and packing of white crystal sugar, natural brown cane sugar, fruit sugar, coffee creamer and bee honey, “Multipack Bulgaria” Ltd. received the exclusive possibility from „Metro Cash & Carry” – Bulgaria to produce goods with a trademark “H-Line, ARO, RIOBA и HORECA Select.

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